WTC Tower consists of an office area of approximately 25,000 square meters, distributed over 25 floors. It was the first Real Estate Complex in Brazil to have ISO 9001 certification, differentiating itself in its provision of condominium services by the high quality of its processes.

The project has SAC Customer Service, which is designed to receive requests, complaints and opinions as well as provide information to our tenants, customers and users. Use of this system allows us to correct deficiencies and improve service.

The automated control system includes remote management of facilities, optimization of operations and maintenance, ongoing supervision of lighting subsystems, elevators, air conditioning and more.

All air-conditioning control points, security systems, alarms and fire detectors are controlled by the BMS (Building Management Systems) automation system, specific to the administration of the office tower.

Each floor has a telematic system with a network of fiber optic structured cabling, which facilitates the installation of communication, voice, data and image systems.

The complex has also pioneered the Teleport concept in São Paulo, providing all telecommunication facilities needed for the proper functioning of a company.

We also have a gas power center with a generating capacity of 5.25 MW, enough to supply a city of 5,000 inhabitants. This center ensures consistency of supply in cases of rationing or blackout.

The World Trade Center in Sao Paulo, aiming at sustainable management of available water resources, hired the “General Water” company to implement and operate the water reuse project.

This project is based on the capture and treatment of sewage water generated in the complex, to reuse it for non-noble purposes (watering gardens, flushing toilets, washing garages, etc …).


Telephone: 3043-7010


WTC Tower. Having an office here is arguably part of the First World.