WTC Business Club


The WTC Business Club is the integration of the real estate complex with a business intelligence platform from theWorld Trade Center, bringing generation business, investment and value to all stakeholders.

Member of the International World Trade Center Association network, the largest association of executives in the world, with over 330 units located in more than 100 countries, the WTC Business Club is the Largest and Most Complete Platform Business & World Investments, and Excellence Content, Targeting, Internationalization and Return on Investment, admittedly with the largest reference in generating business within the World WTCnetwork.

The current dynamics of the market, competitive and globalized, combined with moments of economic and political instability requires that companies and executives are constantly updated, connected with the market, but mainly committed to the short-term results delivery. Our proposal is to know and understand in depth the business of our customers, their business challenges and strategies so that we can propose a business plan guided by the above scenario and 100% customized.



Our experience and strength as one of the largest business club in the world allowed us to change the concept of relationship club.

We have created a unique and innovative platform for generating opportunities by understanding their real needs.

This plan allows our team have control of the actions taken, metrics on the activations of investments and thus to maximize results.

ROI, ROO you only find in the WTC Business Club. And that makes all the difference.


We are young but experienced, responsible, are against the status quo, we are against the hand of the ordinary, so we have innovated and detached from the old and traditional market of corporate events and networking clubs.

We do not have members, we do not have members, we have CUSTOMERS! We are not association and have profit, so we can be better and better, even for you!


The business model proposed by the WTC Business Club is supported on our platform combined with the strategic objectives of our clients, which will be offered an action plan in a customized manner, targeted and actual metrics to assess the results of the amount invested.

Our platform has regional, national and global reach, offering shares and revenue generation tools, access to regional markets, international business content and business relationship.

What is your challenge for 2016? We have the platform, tools and markets. Bring your challenges and we will develop an effective plan of generating business for your company!

Today, part of the Brazilian network of WTC Business Club WTC Belo Horizonte, and the WTC Curitiba, in addition to our international unit: WTC Fort Lauderdale, and the bridge to the development of business between Brazil, USA and Latin America.

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