Doing Business in Brazil

Brazil and São Paulo Perspectives

Located in the wealthiest city from the biggest economy in Latin America, the World Trade Center São Paulo takes advantage of Brazil’s special social-economic moment. The country has developed a deep reliance on its political and economic systems, as a strong democracy and a dynamic economy. The key features of Brazil’s momentum are widely recognized: expanded international trade, oil discoveries, financial stability, low inflation, growing foreign and domestic investment, booming consumer demand, social assistance focused on the neediest, and democratic political cohesion.

Brazil’s diverse economy is now founded on strong sectors in oil, mining, agriculture and biofuels – all of which have benefited from a combination of technological advancements and strong incentives for private investment. The country now boasts a GDP of USD 1.58 trillion, and according to economists´ forecasts Brazil will be ranked the fifth largest economy until 2020, and its biggest city, São Paulo, will also be ranked fifth as the wealthiest cities in the world before 2025.

Meanwhile, the city of São Paulo is the financial, corporative and market center in Latin America and its metropolitan population is over 20 million people. The city´s GDP is equivalent to USD 184 billion, representing 12,2% of Brazil´s GDP and if it were a country São Paulo would be the 47th biggest economy in the world. The city is well known by its industrial potential, but in the last decades it has been through a deep transformation which made its economy more focused on the tertiary sector, transforming itself into a business and services center. The stock exchange located in the city – BM&F Bovespa – is the third biggest in the world in terms of market value. São Paulo is the headquarters to 63% of the multinationals companies installed in Brazil and it is acclaimed as a city of business tourism.

Doing Business in Brazil

On this emerging economic momentum, many foreign companies strive to enter in the Brazilian Market – unsuccessfully. The main reason: Brazil is not a simple market to get in. There are many country-related barriers that hinder the market-entry of a foreign company, such as different language, business culture, unknown industry dynamics, distribution channels, etc.

In the pursuit of its mission of Prosperity through trade and investment™, the World Trade Center São Paulo developed services to assist the companies’ market-entry strategy as well as country promotion campaigns in Brazil. The services provided are: Business Matchmakings, Field Visits, Market Researches, Organization of International Seminars, Business Brokerage, trade missions, etc.

Through the market research, it’s provided a in-depth photography of the market access conditions, taxation, non-tariff barriers and other legal requirements to get businesses working out in the country.
Through the matchmaking service, companies are able to connect up to 15 potential partners, among customers, distributors, suppliers, investors, etc. all over Brazil.

For associations or governmental institutions, the WTC São Paulo cooperates in the promotion of a specific region, cluster or case to targeted executives. The projects are tailor-made and may include business round-tables, field visits, and the development of a international seminar.
If you wish to open new markets, find new partners and explore the infinite opportunities, contact the International Business Team of the World Trade Center São Paulo.

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